Toolbar Tutorial - Adding a Popup Blocker


The Toolbar Browser provides its own popup blocking functionality, however we can add our own popup manager icon, to display how many popups have been blocked.

If you move your mouse over the Popups button, it will display how many popups have been blocked.


<XML id="toolbar">
<TOOLBAR caption="Toolbar Tutorial">
<control type="toolbar">
<button id="home"

    caption=" "
    tooltip=" Home Page"
<dropdown action="Menu(links)"></dropdown>

<control type="combo" id="query" action="Command(search)" width=120></control>
<control type="toolbar">
<button caption="Search" tooltip="Search" image="" action="Command(search)"></button>
<button caption="Back" tooltip="Search Previous" image="" action="SearchBack()"></button>
<button caption="Next" tooltip="Search Next" image="" action="SearchNext()"></button>
<button caption="OS" action="SetText($OS)" tooltip="Display Operating System and Version" image=""></button>
<button style="check" caption="highlight" action="Highlight(%QUERY%)" tooltip="Highlight Search Text" image=""></button>
<button caption="Popups" tooltip="$BLOCKED popups blocked" action="PopupManager()" image=""></button>

    <menu id="links">
    <option caption="" action=""></option>
    <option caption="Software" action=""></option>
    <option caption="Music" action=""></option>
    <option caption="Games" action="" image=""></option>


    <command id="search" action="Search('',