Installing Custom Toolbars

If a user has the ToolbarBrowser client installed and it is active, your toolbar will automatically appear every time they visit your toolbar page.

If they do not have the client install, you should provide a link to download the ToolbarBrowser client.

The link to download the exe is or you can link to the official ToolbarBrowser download page:

Custom Installation

You can install your custom toolbar by default as part of the ToolbarBrowser installation process. To do this, use the following link:

The value of the install parameter should be replaced with the URL of your toolbar XML file.

In the above case, after the ToolbarBrowser client dowload completes, the user will be re-directed to your toolbar page and your toolbar installed.


  • If the ToolbarBrowser client is re-installed at later date, your custom toolbar will again be installed by default.
  • Cookies must be enabled for the custom toolbar installation to work correctly, otherwise the user will need to manually click the SAVE button to add your toolbar to their browser.

Custom Install EXE

If you need your own executable file for the install, we can provide a custom build of the installer for your toolbar. The main benefits of a custom install exe are:

  • Reliable install process that does not require cookies to work
  • Ability to host the EXE on your own server.
  • Distribute the executable on CD Roms
  • Submit your toolbar exe for a listing on shareware sites such as for extra exposure.

The cost of creating a custom install exe and managing updates is $195 per year.
Contact us if you need more information.