ToolbarBrowser Release History

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ToolbarBrowser for Internet Explorer Version History

v2.4.7 - For toolbars with multiple edit/combo controls, the first one now always gets the focus. (19 May 2005)
- Added a new Company Name field to Autofill.
- Autofill made smarter. Now analyzing table structure to work out fields.
- bugfix: Chevron Menu displaying incorrect icons when hidden buttons used in Toolbar.
- bugfix: Deleting a Link Toolbar button adding a duplicate button to the end of the button list
v2.4.6 - bugfix: $URL replaced incorrectly by javascript: page loads. (03 May 2005)
- bugfix: On install of multiple toolbars, bars rendered in a single tab.
- Added an onsave event trigger
- border= parameter now works with browser controls
- New Function: GetQuery() to retrieve search term from URLs.
- bugfix: changing toolbar tab titles after Customize.
- LoadMenu() & Menu() functions now normalize HTML tags and ampersands(&) in menu item captions.
- Added greater control over Upgrade & Version via registry.
- bugfix: IE crashing on Windows 98.
v2.4.5 - bugfix: double click needed to change focus (20 April 2005)
- Added a new function: ResizeClient()
- Replaced Resize() with ResizeClient() in standard toolbar to reduce flicker.
- bugfix: invalid handling of comments with no whitespace separator: <!--<button...
- bugfix: GPF using autofill after initial install.
- Added Polish Language support
- New $LANGUAGE variable
- Click() and Command(0 functions now accept multiple parameters
- ImportXMLValue() function updated to accept record offset and retrieve nested tag values.
- Added onrank trigger
- Added GetRank() function
- PI Rank button now displays a historical ranking graph.
v2.4.4 - Added ability to disable Ranking by default during install (18 April 2005)
- If disabled, Rank button now displays an "enable ranking" message when clicked.
- AutoFill feature now prompts to define settings if none have been defined.
- Deleting all toolbars now prompts to add toolbar.
v2.4.3 - Added onkillfocus and onfocus triggers to combo and edit controls. (14 April 2005)
- Escaped quotes are no longer valid function parameters.
- The SetParam() function can now be used to dynamically update the font and background colors.
- bugfix: <Install>/<uninstall> tags not working correctly on a clean XP installation.
- bugfix: When no tooltip defined, tooltip of first toolbar button being displayed
- Added SetFocus() function
- Added onselect trigger to combo controls.
v2.4.2 - bugfix: static controls not havingtransparent background (08 April 2005)
- bugfix: searches containing double quote or backspace characters corrupting toolbar cache file
v2.4.1 - Added color and bgcolor control parameters. These can be used to change (06 April 2005)
the background and font colors of most controls.
- Addad TABbing support. You can now tab into toolbars and between multiple edit controls.
- Added ability to automatically spawn toolbars during install
- Added a New BUTTON parameter, "hidechevron" to remove button(s) from the default chevron menu.
- bugfix: CR/LF not triggering an action on edit controls.
- bugfix: Backspace key not working in edit controls.
- bugfix: Having to click edit/combo controls twice to gain cursor focus.
- bugfix: Save Button not working when toolbar is selected.
- bugfix: Preview Toolbar not updating if moving between two toolbar enabled sites.
- bugfix: Toolbar not refreshed after Customization
- bugfix: Fixed a memory leak
- Added Heading Text (h1 - h6) & Link Text sections to PageText() function output.
- SetOption() function now recognizes the "this" parameter.
- TruncateOption(),SetOption() & DeleteOption() function can now be used with MENU controls.
- Added exact parameter to the SetParameter() function to disable variable substitution.
- Quoted parameters can now span multiple lines.
- %Variables% can now encapsulate certain functions. These include:
GetParam(), GetPageTile(), GetPageText(), GetLinks(), GetLinkText(), ...
- New Function: Length() to calculate the size of strings.
v2.3.6 - ToolbarBrowser bar now starts on a separate toolbar line. (08 Mar 2005)
- Added <INSTALL> tag.
- bugfix: LoadMenu() Not handling CData[ encapsulation correctly.
v2.3.5 - bugfix: Removing all navigation bar buttons causing alignment problems.
- Added: $SOURCE system variable to access current page source code.
- Added: $PAGETEXT system variable to access visible text on current page text.
- Changed src= to source= in the <XML> tag to get around new IE security warning.
- Navigating to a site with a ToolbarBrowser toolbar no longers makes it the current.
- Optimized stripHTML() function, and added a second source parameter.
v2.3.4 - bugfix: StripHTML() function not working correctly (28 Jan 2005)
for values containing quotes.
- bugfix: TAB,CR & LF characters inside XML tags not detected as parameter separators.
- New System Variable: $RANDOM(n) - Generates a random number
v2.3.3 - New functions: ReplaceAll(), StripHTML() (21 Jan 2005)
- Added new date/time variables: $AMPM, $12HH
- bugfix: image toolbar controls not aligning correctly
- Imporoved &alt tag handling by XML import functions.
- onbeginload trigger now disabled for hidden buttons.
- Added $RANK variable to display current Popularity Index
- bugfix: large toolbars overlapping chevron on initial browser load.
- Added $SCREENX, $SCREENY variables
- Added "padding" parameter and "nocaption" style to CONTROL tag.
v2.3.2 - SetText() function can now be used to set text of HTML controls. (13 Jan 2005)
- Popup Menu Items can now include basic HTML tags to change the font style and color.
- bugfix: valign and vspace parameters not working correctly with toolbar controls.
- Added Upgrade confirmation dialog, with disable upgrade checking option.
v2.3.1 - Updated Form Autofill rules. (10 Jan 2005)
- Chevron Popup Menu no longer displays Hidden buttons
- bugfix: Entering a search while combo box dropdown list active.
- bugfix: GPF righcliking empty Toolbar area
- Else parameter added to IfMatch() & IfExactMatch() functions
- New Redraw() function added.
- Quotes in parameters can now be escaped to enable passing of javascript code.
- SetValue() function now updates contents of Browser controls.
- bugfix: hidden=1 option not working correctly with some control types
- Execute() function now accepts absolute paths & checks the system folders.
v2.2.5 - Updates of installed bars now done in the background. (21 Dec 2004)
Prompting for new version updates made optional.
- Background caching of menu icons no longer rebuilds the toolbar to reduce flicker.
- Can now use relative URLs in <xml src="..."> parameter.
- bugfix: Right-clicking popup menu items causing a GPF.
- bugfix: Toolbar buttons cut off on standard XP layout scheme.
- Smaller Install footprint saved 60k.
v2.2.4 - Added Drag & Drop to alter toolbar positions. (10 Dec 2004)
- Added Credits to About dialog
- bugfix: About dialog support url button not working
- bugfix: GPF switching toolbars before UpdateToolbar() function completes.
- Added German language support thanks to Germar Saule
v2.2.3 - bugfix: GPF attempting to uninstall multiple default toolbars. (08 Dec 2004)
- Links & Favorite toolbars no longer hang IE while caching favicon.ico files for the first time.
- bugfix: First toolbar page visited after install automatically added to toolbar.
- Added session parameter to Client version check URL as a work around for some caching proxies.
v2.2.2 - Added Zoom() function. (07 Dec 2004)
- Added Zoom In & Zoom Out buttons to default toolbar.
- Swedish Localization & Language support.
- bugfix: Linked XML files not updating toolbar title on initial load
- bugfix: SEO bar Server Header Check not displaying results correctly.
v2.2.1 - Added SetFontSize() Function. (06 Dec 2004)
Can be used to provide Zoom in and Zoom out functionality.
- bugfix: stack overflow linking toolbar XML from root domains or dynamic pages causing IE to close or crash.
- bugfix: external XML files not loaded for new toolbars.
v2.1.4 - bugfix: Menu() function not removing quotes causing Error 1002. (29 Nov 2004)
- bugfix: Unable to customize spawned toolbar without re-load.
- bugfix: GPF editing source code of spawned toolbars.
- bugfix: Registry resource leak.
v2.1.3 - Added ability to disable Ranking by default during install (18 April 2005)
- bugfix: Translation of Menu control ID names causing Unknown Menu error. (25 Nov 2004)
- Added Form AutoFill support for various languages including:
Dutch, German, Czech, French, Swedish, Finish, Italian and others.
- AutoFill definitions moved to autofill.ini
- bugfix: GPF Auto-filling multi-part Telephone number when number not defined.
- bugfix: Toolbar version check disabling not working correctly
- Added ability to disable automated ToolbarBrowser client update checking.
v2.1.2 - New CheckLinks() Function. This provides the ability to validate (05 Nov 2004)
toolbar links to check for page updates & broken links.
- Favorites and Links bars now only attempt to download the default favicon.ico image once.
This greatly improves subsequent rendering of both the links and favorites toolbars.
- Added EMPTY cache button to options.
- Added ExportLinks() function. Enables the export & display of link reports and their status.
- bugfix: GPF downloading toolbar image cache while offline.
v2.1.1 - New Functions: Resize(), ToolbarMenu(), UpdateToolbar(). (03 Nov 2004)
- Support for real-time/conditional Toolbar Updates.
- $ID system variable added.
- Standard Button bar can now be customized from Options.
- AutoFill now recognizes and fills in most search box fields.
- Autofill can now splits phone numbers by area codes.
- bugfix: Copy & Paste in Combo/Edit controls not working correctly.
- Limited French & Dutch localization support.
- Added right-click context menu to all Toolbars.
- New View source button in Customization dialog.
- Direct editing & update of toolbar source code.
v2.0.5 - Added <UNINSTALL> XML tag. During custom toolbar installs this (20 Oct 2004)
enables the removal of default toolbars.
- Added AutoFill button to Standar Buttons bar.
- Standard button bar now has tooltips
- Added settings option to move standard buttons to the left.
v2.0.4 - Added $REFERRER variable (18 Oct 2004)
- $URLTITLE variable now returns the Page Title if it exists,
otherwise the filename of the current page.
- Removed character limit on combo box controls.
- Popup blocker settings now saved across sessions.
- bugfix: Links Bar chevron menu not working correctly
- bugfix: Navigation History dropdown menu not working
v2.0.3 - Added a chevron to Installed toolbar list. (15 Oct 2004)
- Cache now checks for and ignores duplicate images files.
- SetIcon() function now downloads images if not in cache.
- Bugfix: SetIcon() not able to change icons outside control scope.
v2.0.2 - Automatic TB version check. (11 Oct 2004) - Added Sound support. PlaySound() and Beep() functions.
- Options() function to bring up the Settings/Preferences dialog
- More robust function parameter checking.
v2.0.1 - Beta 1 Release


SEO Toolbar for Firefox Version History

v1.7 - Removed Google page rank
- Fixed issue in pi rank
v1.6 - Added new options under PPC,Forums,SEO Tools ,Domain Parking
- Fixed DNS Tools - Whois - Moniker 404 error
- Added section to suggest a site for user
v1.5.2 - fixed toolbar positioning bug
v1.5.1 - fixed Bug in Page Rank
v1.5 - feature: Added MOZ Rank
v1.4 - fixed Bugs in Compete Rank
- fixed Bugs Related to Tabs on Browser
v1.3.2 - Updated links
v1.3.1 - Updated SEMRush rank icon
- Corrected some spelling mistakes
v1.3 - feature: Added Compete Ranks
- feature: Added SEMRush Ranks
- feature: Added ptions to hide particular ranks
- Updated links, removed outdated links
- Firefox 4 compatible
No Adware, Pops or Spyware

DOES NOT include any: Adware, Pop-unders, Popups or hidden Spyware