ToolbarBrowser Library - Search Toolbars

Search Toolbars 1steKeuze search toolbar.
Arcamax News Arcamax News toolbar.
Alexa Alexa page ranking and search toolbar.
AllTheWe AllTheWeb Toolbar adds AllTheWeb to your Toolbar Browser bar.
AltaVista Toolbar Browser implementation of the AltaVista Toolbar.
Ansearch Ansearch search toolbar.
Entireweb Entire search toolbar.
ExactSeek Exactseek search toolbar.
Ezilon Ezilon search toolbar. Go2 search toolbar.
FlexFinder FlexFinder Toolbar GoSurf search toolbar.
GotThatOnline GotThatOnline Toolbar adds GotThatOnline search functionality. Jann search toolbar.
Kanoodle Kanoodle Toolbar adds Kanoodle search functionality to your toolbar.
Linkspot Linkspot search toolbar.
ScrubTheWeb Scrubtheweb search toolbar.
Search Europe Search Europer search toolbar. Sensis Local Search, White Pages and Yellow Pages Search Toolbar.
Slider Search toolbar with a cool Find Contact Page feature. SunSteam Search toolbar.
WebWombat Australian Search Engine, WebWombat Search& Navigation toolbar.
whatUseek WhatUseek search toolbar.
Regional Search Toolbars
  German covering most major German engines.
  UK covering most major UK engines.
  Australian covering most major Australian engines.
  Swedish covering most major Swedish engines.
  Dutch covering most major Dutch engines.
  Czech covering most major Czech engines.
  French covering most major French engines.
No Adware, Pops or Spyware

DOES NOT include any: Adware, Pop-unders, Popups or hidden Spyware