Distributing Images & Icons

You may use any icons used in any of the default toolbars that are included in the
http://www.toolbarbrowser.com/img folder. These icons may be used for the creation of custom ToolbarBrowser toolbars only. They may not be copied, distributed or used for other purposes.

If you wish to use any icons from the http://www.toolbarbrowser.com/img folder, you must link to the icon files directly from your custom toolbar. Do not make copies of these icons and place them on your own server.

All icons in the above location are included with every ToolbarBrowser installation. This means that they are cached locally and will never actually be downloaded, even if you specify the full URL in your toolbar XML code.

Icons outside of the img folder on toolbarbrowser.com may not be used or distributed in custom toolbars.

Hint: To find out the name of a default toolbar icon, open the customize dialog, right the button your are interested and select properties. The location of the icon file will be in the image="" parameter.